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    350+ best-in-class, local broadcast television stations covering more than 90% of U.S. TV households

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    Experts in media analysis from ratings to audience insights across various types of content—news, sports, and entertainment events.

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Our Partners

Best-In-Class, Local Broadcast Stations

Through CoxReps, agencies tap into a diverse roster of 350+ local television stations covering more than 90% of all U.S. TV households.


Our Locations

Headquartered in New York City, CoxReps is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, at historic 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

CoxReps offices are located in the most exciting cities across the country.

Washington D.C.
Los Angeles

Working With Us

  • History

    Where We Came From

    We continue the Cox story which began in media 118 years ago.

    CoxReps has been an integral part of the television advertising industry for nearly 50 years. We represent the union of three distinguished television rep firms: TeleRep, HRP, and MMT. With the addition of our digital division, Gamut, we are the go-to provider of local, cross-platform advertising on a national scale.

    CoxReps is a subsidiary of Cox Media Group, an integrated broadcasting, publishing, and digital media company.

    CMG’s operations also include: • 14 broadcast television stations and one local cable channel • 57 radio stations • Eight daily newspapers   • Numerous digital services  • Valpak

  • Values

    Our Values

    We encourage diversity and creativity in every department. We have a staunch dedication to the needs of our customers, and we strive to do right by our community. We are guided by the following values when making every decision:

    Our employees are our most important resource.
    We encourage initiative and recognize achievement. We embrace diversity and believe that unique talents come from a variety of people and perspectives.

    Our customers are our lifeblood.
    We’re dedicated to building lasting relationships with
 our customers and going above and beyond their expectations. In order to give our customers the variety and quality of services they demand, we adopt new technology whenever possible.

    We are committed to helping shape a better world.
    We do volunteer work and provide financial support to those in need, both as a company and as individuals.


    Our Benefits

     We want our employees to be happy not only at work, but also at home. For this reason, we embrace a Total Compensation Philosophy when it comes to benefits. We offer packages that meet the career, health, and living needs of our employees.

    We offer industry-renowned training programs and staff development initiatives that prepare our employees for their current roles and for future growth. Known for promoting talent from within, we have numerous opportunities for advancement throughout our various departments, allowing you to gain experience across disciplines.

    Medical and dental coverage are included in our healthcare packages, along with numerous wellness programs to address the particular needs of our employees. Healthcare coverage is also offered to our retirees.

    We provide a competitive pay structure, including a pension program and a 401(k) savings plan. These retirement plans and benefits make our overall package 25% more valuable than those of other large companies.

    We’re dedicated to getting the job done here at CoxReps, but we’re also dedicated to giving our valued employees a healthy work/life balance. We offer competitive salaries, generous paid time off, company holidays, and NYC TransitChek® commuter benefits.

What We Do

CoxReps is the country’s leading national television representative company, delivering local, smart media solutions on a national scale. We are the largest national television representative company generating more than $3 billion in national sales.

We focus on every challenge by employing dedicated teams of experts who provide knowledge and information across sales, content, consumer insights and campaign analytics.


We represent local television stations, selling commercial advertising inventory nationwide and serving as a liaison between the stations and the advertising agencies. We are experts in TV ratings and various types of programming, including news, sports, and specials.

Digital Sales

We offer access to local digital inventory through our deep publisher relationships. As technology expands, we can leverage our local market knowledge to extend agencies’ traditional audiences to a digital platform. As a solutions based media organization, this helps our clients see the best outcome for their business.


Our team of experts is relentless in uncovering revenue with data, empowering our sellers with actionable insights. We partner with the best in the business, including Simmons, Nielsen, Kantar, comScore, CivicScience, Scarborough, DOMO, MOAT, Marshall Marketing for the most comprehensive data set in the industry.


Our Content Department is a complete resource for information on all syndicated, broadcast, and cable network programming. The department provides in-depth and insightful overview summaries on the performance of programs and networks. Their exhaustive analysis allows for progressive projection of all program trends.


Our Insights Team seeks to establish the new industry standard by moving beyond traditional sales strategies, selling “target audiences” and insightful advertising solutions. The team works towards the goals of innovating business solutions, investigating a deeper understanding, and inspiring groundbreaking tactics.


Our TV Analytics Team aggregates and analyzes viewer data, communicating actionable insights for our customers. The team provides customized ratings analysis and market intelligence with the goal of balancing our clients’ ROI while simultaneously increasing our revenue.


Our Paid Programming department is a dedicated sales force specializing in long-form advertising. Focusing the efforts of this highly experienced team on paid programming allows us to dominate this revenue stream and maximize shares for client stations.


With offices in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, our Political Advertising team is the largest sales force of its kind. We establish strong relationships with all levels of political buying agencies, and possess deep knowledge of political advertising.


Our team is a full-service partner to all departments. Marketing strives to elevate the CoxReps brand with thoughtful design and emotional storytelling. We aim to provide original ideas and responsive strategy to drive revenue and solidify our position as an industry leader.



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