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Erica Ellis

Erica Ellis

Senior Director Insights & Planning

As Director of Insights, Erica Ellis guides her team in discovering underlying truths about consumers, brands, and media usage, arming the CoxReps sales team with the tools necessary to generate client revenue. Erica joined CoxReps in May 2015 as Senior Manager of Cross-Platform Research, although she feels as though she’s been part of the team for much longer.

Erica’s favorite part about her job at CoxReps is the variety of the work. The nuances of the target audience, market, and station ensure that no two projects are ever the same. Erica is an active member of the Advertising Research Foundation and is IAB digital sales certified.

Erica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a concentration in Entertainment, Media, Technology, and Management from the Stern School of Business at New York University. During her childhood, Erica briefly worked as a child actor/print ad model, scoring a role as an extra on a Lifetime TV movie. While it may be a coffee-dominated world, Erica is a devoted tea drinker. She considers horror movies and TV shows to be her guilty pleasure.